Sunday, February 10, 2008

What's The Most Important Reason Why You Want To Make Money Online?

People have different reasons why they want to make money online. (If you haven't taken the poll, take a second to vote on your right)

For me, it was because I didn't go to college, nor did I want to...I hated school although I did get good grades. I was working a good job for a reasonable good pay but it wasn't enough to deal with the bills and stuff that I wanted so I had to find a way to supplement my income.

The most important reason though is that I wanted to find something that I could dedicate my life to and I think internet marketing did that for me. Almost every single day for 2 whole years I just had to get on the computer to try to build my future.

For others, I know some people want to:

  • Quit their jobs - you're just not independent when you have a boss.

  • Work from home - goodbye alarm clock, goodbye morning commute/rush hour.

  • Pay for college - college students have it tough these days...they need the money

  • Have some extra money - some people just want an extra $200 - $300 month...thats it.

  • Pay off debts - bills, bills, bills...sure could use some help.

Whats the most important reason why you want to make money online? Tell me about it...

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