Saturday, December 27, 2008

Easy Way To Find Something To Promote (That Will Make Money)

Most people don't realize that the first step...the very making money online is to find something to promote or to find an audience that has a need. This is called finding a niche.

Finding a niche can sometimes be a very daunting task to many who are just starting out. It doesn't have to be really. Niches are all around us and if you take a look at yourself you might even be part of a niche.

So how do we find a niche.

  1. Take a look at yourself - Is there something you're very passionate about? Something that you absolutely love to do that you would spend money on? Like a hobby? That could be a niche. Is there something that is a problem to you that you need to spend money on for a solution? Like acne, etc?

    Many other people are likely to have these passions and problems so you could say that these are niches where people will spend money. If people spend money then that gives you an opportunity to make money.

  2. News and Trends - Is there something that people are talking about a lot at the moment? Whats on the news right now? Can you find situations related to these trends where people will spend money? If so, then you have a really hot niche in front of you. Here's a link where you can find stuff thats really hot in the news right now. Its updated hourly so you always know whats hot.

    Google Hot Trends

  3. TV and Magazine ads and articles - You can get lots of ideas from looking at television and also from reading magazines. Some magazines even specialize in one topic (thats a niche) and some tv ads are for products specifically targeted to a niche. You can get ideas for articles by looking through popular magazines once you've found a niche.
These three ideas for finding something to promote are a great way to start. You will most definitely find something to promote if you use one of these methods. That is the first step to making money online - finding a hot niche.

The next step is to do some thorough research. Skipping the research phase is not recommended or else you'll end up with a hot topic, a hot product, a lot of visitors but NO MONEY.

Is There An Easy Way?

There is an easy way to skip though finding a niche and doing the research.

What if you had a niche already found for you? What if all the research was already done for you?

There is such a system. Its called Niche Q.

As of this writing, Niche Q isn't available as yet but will be in a couple of weeks. On January 13th, 2009, you will be able to skip the niche research and just promote a niche that will be handed to you by two successful marketers. You will also learn how to do your own research just by copying their blueprints.

For now you can visit the Niche Q site and get a copy of the "Niche Hunting Report" which is free when you subscribe.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Profit Lance vs Wealthy Affiliate

One of my 7 day course subscibers, John wrote to me wanting to know what I thought about Profit Lance in comparison to Wealthy Affiliate. He agreed to let me post his email so I did so below (its unedited).

John wrote:

Hi jay, I am up to page 6 of your program. I have opened a clickbank account and picked some topics. I didn't have a website to post them to. I probably should have waited until I was done with your course. I noticed you have a link to wealthy afflilate you send with the page. I have done some research and wealthy affilate is rated high on some list. How ever my research has uncoverd another program called profit lance. It is rated highly on some list. I am sure you have heard of them. I would be interested in knowing your opinion, if you have one, on profitlance. I know from my research that wealthy affilate and profitlance sound alot alike, yet profitlance is a lot cheaper to join. I would have sent for the profitlance course but I don't have a credit card and will have to send payment thru the mail, which I was going to do until I got your mail and received your program. Please get back with your opinion or knowledge on profitlance or any other advice.

My response:

Hello John,

I'm glad you asked about Profit Lance as I'm in the midst of doing a review and comparison about the two programs.

Profit Lance and Wealthy Affiliate are both highly rated programs but Wealthy Affiliate has everything Profit Lance has and more.

While there are quite a bit of success stories coming out of Profit Lance, they do lack some stuff that Wealthy Affiliate has.

For example, there is no discussion forum on Profit Lance so you'll have this feeling of being by yourself in your learning. Wealthy Affiliate has a discussion forum where you can ask for help when you get stuck or you come across something that you don't understand. This can speed up your progress and help you avoid a lot of costly mistakes.

Another thing Profit Lance lacks is the range of tools Wealthy Affiliate comes with.

Wealthy Affiliate has:
  • A website builder
  • Free website hosting for your website
  • A Clickbank research tool (easy to find which products are hot and which aren't)
  • A Sharing Zone (other members share tuturials, pdfs, videos)
  • WA Gold (Donate and recieve "gold" when you or other members contribute value)
  • Members Only Affiliate Program (sell 2 memberships and your's is "free")
  • A Keyword research tool
  • WA Jobs (Make money by doing simple jobs for other members)
  • Link Cloaker and tracker (Hide Affiliate links and see how many people clicked)
  • More added from time to time.
Profit Lance does have all these things but you can still use their system to make money - Wealthy Affiliate just makes it a lot more easier. In fact some of the members on Wealthy Affiliate have been members of Profit Lance and some of them use both memberships. I do recommend Profit Lance if you want a good foundation with internet marketing but you'll be missing out on all the benefits Wealthy Affiliate offers so I will recommend you sign up
with Wealthy Affiliate
at some point.

Some people are also wary that Profit Lance might be a scam. It most definitely is not. Here's a very good article that reviews and compare both programs.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send them to me. Just hit reply in any of my emails and ask away. (You have to be signed up to the course to do this.)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Rosalind Gardner Explains How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing is one of the hottest opportunities around right now.

In fact affiliate marketing has been around since the late nineties and has helped thousands of people realize their dreams, helped them quit their jobs and provided financial freedom for thousands more.

In the following video one of the most successful women in affiliate marketing, Rosalind Gardener who is also the author of the bestseller, The Super Affiliate Handbook, explains briefly how it works.

For more on this lucrative opportunity sign up for the Free 7 Day course.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Truth About Online Survey Sites.

How do you make money with surveys?

This is a question I got this morning. I made a post about internet scams a while back that mentioned surveys among the top 4 of worst ways to make money online.

So here's the truth about online survey sites.

Surveys are one of the biggest scams online. The advertisers prey on people who want to make money online easily without doing much but want a bit of fun.

Incentived offers are the worst of the lot . These type of surveys are called incentived offers because the advertiser or the owner of the site offer something like a PSP, Laptop, etc as an incentive and you sign up for offers some of them requiring that you enter your credit card info for a free sample.

The person who makes money is the owner of the site. They get anywhere from $5 - $200 just for getting someone to enter their credit card info or requesting a free sample so they are able to pay you anywhere from a few pennies to bigger amounts or you get a chance at the incentive. Most times you won't get the incentive because the owner of the site is greedy or there is no physical incentive in the first place.

Other survey sites where you fill out polls and questionairres don't pay much - usually a few cents per survey and that is if you do qualify in the first place. Others pay you in useless Amazon vouchers and gift cards or enter you in draws to win money and prizes - which are usually bogus to begin with. Some sites make you jump through a bunch of hoops in order to get a payout.

The best way to make money online is to be a part of a market where people are spending money, which I will show you when you sign up for the 7 day course.

Affiliate marketing, ebay and freelance are three types of legitimate ways to make money online.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Do You Need A Website To Make Money Online?

When you think about making money online you think about websites, where people go and buy stuff. The person/company that owns the website makes money for sure.

Do you really need a website to make money online?

A website would be the ideal thing to have as an internet/affiliate marketer and is a must at some point if you are serious about making money online but...

You DO NOT need a website to make money online.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best businesses to be in as it allows you to start with little to no expenses. And this means that you do not have to worry about paying someone to make a website for you or spend countless hours trying to build one.

With affiliate marketing, the websites are provided for you already in the form of merchant companies who pay you a percentage of the money they make. All you have to do is send people to their websites and all you need to do that is a special link which is provided by the merchant themselves.

The next worry is where do you put the link so people can get to the merchant website in order for you to be paid.

Again, your own website would be the ideal thing but you do not need one.

There are lots of places online where you can submit your affiliate link but you have to do it in a way that will be attractive to potential users (people who will buy through your link). Writing articles, participating in forums, classified ad sites, your social networking profile and blogs are some of the places you can use to make up for not having a website.

You concerns about making money online can be solved, and most times as in this case you'll get the answer that you want. You can make money online without a website.

My 7 day course outlines some ways you can start making money online without a website so make sure you do sign up.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Work From Home - No Experience Necessary

A college degree certainly helps these days if you need a job and while I am all for higher learning it is not necessary at all if you are looking to work online.

As a matter of fact, making money from the internet is perfect for someone who did not go to college or doesn't have the qualifications to get a high paying job.

I decided that I wasn't going to college because I just was fed up of school, and turns out I found what I wanted to do with my life was to become an internet marketer. Knowing that some internet marketers make multi-millions per year helped me make up my mind.

Everything can be learned and if you have patience and determination then you can potentially go on to earn more than some college graduates make in a year.

Also being a complete beginner is ok. At Wealthy Affiliate, there are people who join as complete beginners and go on to post some amazing success stories in the members forum. And I was a complete beginner once as well.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Make Money With No Money

When most people think about making money online, they think about spending money on building websites, website addresses, products etc.

What most people don't realize is that you can actually make money online with no investment at all.

Its totally possible. I've done it and so have many of my Wealthy Affiliate friends.

Most people who want to make money online don't have much to spare in startup cash for the typical business so this is an excellent way to start making money that you can later use for more advanced strategies.

In my 7 Day course (sign up above), I show you some ways in which you can start making money online with no investment at all. Most of these methods are very simple to implement and can make you hundreds of dollars per month.

Next time someone tells you that you need money to make money, well, its not true. Sign up for the 7 Day Affiliate Marketing course and I'll show you how.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What's The Most Important Reason Why You Want To Make Money Online?

People have different reasons why they want to make money online. (If you haven't taken the poll, take a second to vote on your right)

For me, it was because I didn't go to college, nor did I want to...I hated school although I did get good grades. I was working a good job for a reasonable good pay but it wasn't enough to deal with the bills and stuff that I wanted so I had to find a way to supplement my income.

The most important reason though is that I wanted to find something that I could dedicate my life to and I think internet marketing did that for me. Almost every single day for 2 whole years I just had to get on the computer to try to build my future.

For others, I know some people want to:

  • Quit their jobs - you're just not independent when you have a boss.

  • Work from home - goodbye alarm clock, goodbye morning commute/rush hour.

  • Pay for college - college students have it tough these days...they need the money

  • Have some extra money - some people just want an extra $200 - $300 month...thats it.

  • Pay off debts - bills, bills, bills...sure could use some help.

Whats the most important reason why you want to make money online? Tell me about it...