Saturday, December 27, 2008

Easy Way To Find Something To Promote (That Will Make Money)

Most people don't realize that the first step...the very making money online is to find something to promote or to find an audience that has a need. This is called finding a niche.

Finding a niche can sometimes be a very daunting task to many who are just starting out. It doesn't have to be really. Niches are all around us and if you take a look at yourself you might even be part of a niche.

So how do we find a niche.

  1. Take a look at yourself - Is there something you're very passionate about? Something that you absolutely love to do that you would spend money on? Like a hobby? That could be a niche. Is there something that is a problem to you that you need to spend money on for a solution? Like acne, etc?

    Many other people are likely to have these passions and problems so you could say that these are niches where people will spend money. If people spend money then that gives you an opportunity to make money.

  2. News and Trends - Is there something that people are talking about a lot at the moment? Whats on the news right now? Can you find situations related to these trends where people will spend money? If so, then you have a really hot niche in front of you. Here's a link where you can find stuff thats really hot in the news right now. Its updated hourly so you always know whats hot.

    Google Hot Trends

  3. TV and Magazine ads and articles - You can get lots of ideas from looking at television and also from reading magazines. Some magazines even specialize in one topic (thats a niche) and some tv ads are for products specifically targeted to a niche. You can get ideas for articles by looking through popular magazines once you've found a niche.
These three ideas for finding something to promote are a great way to start. You will most definitely find something to promote if you use one of these methods. That is the first step to making money online - finding a hot niche.

The next step is to do some thorough research. Skipping the research phase is not recommended or else you'll end up with a hot topic, a hot product, a lot of visitors but NO MONEY.

Is There An Easy Way?

There is an easy way to skip though finding a niche and doing the research.

What if you had a niche already found for you? What if all the research was already done for you?

There is such a system. Its called Niche Q.

As of this writing, Niche Q isn't available as yet but will be in a couple of weeks. On January 13th, 2009, you will be able to skip the niche research and just promote a niche that will be handed to you by two successful marketers. You will also learn how to do your own research just by copying their blueprints.

For now you can visit the Niche Q site and get a copy of the "Niche Hunting Report" which is free when you subscribe.

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